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Frequently Asked Questions

We give competitive pricing and are transparent. We are happy to answer any questions about where your money is going and why it is going there.

During our first appointment, we like to get a good idea of what the customer wants and what their goal is for the space. I will explain the entire process, the timeline, price, experience, and then will email them a formal bid proposal. During the work process, we will show the customer the work we’ve done each day and make sure that everyone is on the same page and answer any questions. We are very responsive and happy to answer any questions.

Tevita has over 25+ years of drywall and construction experience and Doug been working with him since he was 10 (21 years).

I grew up doing drywall with my dad. He owned his own company and my brothers and I would go to work with him during summers or evenings after school.

We work with all customers from residential homeowners to commercial building owners. We specialize in finishing basements and remodels.

We do a lot of basements and remodels. We finish those types of projects on average 5-7 days.

Make sure to ask questions so that you know who the best contractor for you will be. Also, make sure that all contractors you are looking to hire are both licensed and insured

What is your budget? Is the contractor licensed and insured? Do you need a city permit for your job? What jobs can you do yourself? What jobs can the contractor do for you?

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