SOJO Construction is a family owned business that was started over 25 years ago. With little experience and broken English, Tevita Fiefia learned trades of construction and started a drywall company. This has grown over years and now has turned into what SOJO Construction is today with Doug Fiefia (Tevita’s son) and his family now running the business. The way that this company has made it through the years is through a customer first approach, high quality work, and a fight to make things work. The early years of struggle have taught us to work hard and to give the highest quality of service and know in return, the rest will follow. When you do a project with us, you become family and team, because we realize we are building part of your home that will be a space where many memories will be created. We are 25 years in and we are just getting started. We hope to partner with you on your next project so that you can become one of our many happy customers.

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